It doesn’t matter whether you love walking, jogging or taking your pet out with you, there is a lot to do in Niagara Falls City.

People have different tastes when it comes to sports. And you won’t be disappointed with your options if you visit Niagara Falls City – there are just too many sports activities to choose from.

With everything from outdoor sports and parks, you can choose from sports activities, leisure, and recreational events.

You even have a database For recreational facilities, and you could get everything from maps, trails, to pictures of the famous Niagara Falls.

Some ways to have some fun!

The varieties of games that are available ensure that they accommodate everybody. We will discuss some of them here.

1. Oakes Park Track

If you are thinking activities like field events, Oakes park is what you should go to. You don’t have to worry about distractions, like people trying out roller skating, cycling, motorized vehicles, inline skating, to even skating.

All of these activities are prohibited as that they can injure runners, joggers and those who are walking. Instead, you have the field runway all to yourself.

2. Dog Park at Niagara Falls

The dog park is open to all and is located at Dorchester Road and Mountain Road in Fireman’s Park.

However, children who are less than 13 years need an accompanying adult

Additionally, you cannot take more than three dogs to the park – the sick ones and those on heat are not allowed inside the park.

Also, visitors are requested not to take alcohol or smoke when they are at the dog park.

Before making a visit, do note the opening and closing time; the park may remain closed, especially during winter seasons.

3. Zoom leisure bikes

The zoom leisure bikes make for a perfect morning cycling tour around the Niagara-on-the-Lake.

You can rent a bike by the hour or bring your own if you’re feeling adventurous. You’d be provided with an appropriate gear and directions for your tour.

Visitors would be able to enjoy a breathtaking view of the waterfalls and learn more about the city and the area.

You can go alone or take your partner or friend with you for these biking trips. While you’re in this city, making the most of its breathtaking falls and other beautiful activities are a must.

What should you note when going out?

  1. Always research the surrounding area before you visit. There’s a lot that you can learn about the place and find even more ways to stay fit in the city of Niagara.
  2. You must plan your trip well enough for time to spare. The vacations are for enjoying and therefore, you shouldn’t be crunching time numbers.
  3. Keep a company while you’re investing yourself in recreational activities to stay fit. The competitive experience with a friend helps you do better. It also betters the bond with the person you’re signing up for the activities with.

Niagara Falls city, a big city in New York near the Niagara Rivers, is named after the world-famous Niagara Falls.

And while you would love to make a visit to New York or even Toronto to head there, the city offers a lot more than just that one landmark.

The city has a state park, with an observation tower where people go to view the three waterfalls. You have another viewpoint – a must in your itinerary – that is located at Gorge Discovery center, that is still in this city.

If you love the water, which we are sure you do if you’re going to visit the Niagra Falls, pay a visit to the Aquarium, which has everything from seals, penguins to sea lions. The average temperature in this place is 24 degrees Celsius, so while you can take out your tees, you won’t feel too hot.

Popular attractions to visit

With a good many tourist attractions, it’s the favorite vacation spot for many when touring Canada.

Let us discuss the top 3 things that make it interesting.


Skylon Tower is attractive and tall and is just a little farther than 235 meters from the falls.

Whether it be the view of Niagara city, its escarpments, or the falls, there is a lot to love here.

You have two restaurants, and you would love the delicious meals on offer. Guests take the buffet as they enjoy this view.

What would be more fulfilling and relaxing than such a moment?

Guests who take meals in the restaurants are not charged to access the observation deck.


Did you know that the Niagara Falls is the largest in the world? They are amazing and famous and has three parts.

  • The American falls, which is around 330 meters and cuts through New York City.
  • Horseshoe Falls, which is around 640 meters and cuts across America shores and Canadian shore.
  • Bridal Veil Falls, which lies in between the above two.

There is also the popular Table Rock stop, which once had a large shelf piece of rock that you could see in the south of the Canadian shore.

Today, it is a popular spot for tourists.


You can take a tour in the lake at Niagara Falls with whirlpool jet and cut across whitewater rapids – it’s an experience you wouldn’t forget soon.

The other places you shouldn’t miss out on

Niagara Falls city has a lot more than just the three we talked about above though. You would also want to make a visit to the Butterfly Conservatory if you want to see some beautiful butterflies or go on Hornblower Cruises to explore Niagara Falls further. You can also try going to Marineland, which can be a complete family affair, with it being both a zoo and an amusement park.

What do you look for when visiting the Niagara Falls? Do you think about having a great weather for you to view it in? Or, if you are visiting in winter, for things to be just that little bit colder so that you could find the Falls frozen?

While Niagara Falls has its own beauty to cherish at all times, it is its history that makes it even more enriching.

Niagara Falls City, located in Ontario, has a low population density and a great history to talk about.

While Native Americans were the initial residents of Niagara Falls City, Europeans settled there in the seventeenth century.

The arrival of the Europeans

Frenchman Robert de la Salle was the first European to come to this City, who arrived with Louis Hennepin, who was a Belgian priest.

Europeans came up with an efficient infrastructure that enabled them to do their businesses effectively, and they harnessed the power of the falls to get electricity.

With electricity, businessmen and scientists started arriving, taking advantage of the natural electric power.

The rise and fall of Niagara Falls City

The city had many industries towards the end of 19th century. They were using the power they were getting from Niagara River. They would produce abrasives, petrochemicals, and metallurgical products.

Many of the people who were working there were immigrants, and the city had even claimed the title of ‘Honeymoon Capital’ in the first half of the 20th century. However, as homes began to grow old, and more businesses meant no place to park, the tourist trade declined. It is this declining number of tourists that hurt the city’s economy the most.

And during the reign of Mayor Lackey in 1960, the city witnessed its fall. While Lackey wanted to make the popular Niagara Falls even more popular, his policies like pedestrian malls meant that businesses had to shift from the then downtown. Improper planning meant that ugly overpasses were built which further added to the woes of all.

As a result, businesses and influential families went to live out of the town and at suburbs. The population went down, and more people re-located when they lost their jobs as industries closed down.

In the year 2000, the city had 55,593 people. Their Mayor’s name was Paul A. Dyster and their City Administrator’s name was Nicholas A. Melson.

Niagara Falls City today

The city has a good few bridges which connect it to the other surrounding towns, and while it may not be the honeymoon capital as it was during the first half of the 1900’s, it still does hold a charm like no other. Plus, there are plans today to build everything from a wax museum to an indoor dinosaur-themed park by Disney. It would surely help bring back Niagara Falls City to its previous glory days.

Tourists have a good many options to shop and dine before they head to the falls, and with the beauty on offer, they surely do not mind!

The Niagara Falls City, located in Canada, is a district that is federal electoral. It has been presented since 1953 in Canada’s Commons. Back in 2011, the city had a population of around 82,997, which was just a meager 1% growth compared to the last counting in 2006.

While a population of below 100,000 might show just how sparsely populated the region is, it wasn’t so always. In fact, in one of our earlier articles we discussed just how Niagara Falls City flourished during the early part of the 19th century, even being referred to as the Honeymoon Capital of the world. And while a lot has changed since then, it still remains the favorite for tourists all over the world.

About the district

The district was created back in 1952 and was the first elections took place in 1953. 2015 was the last year when elections were held.

In 1952, the first demarcation was made, in townships of Willoughby, Crystal Beach, Fort Erie, and Stamford. The others were Chippewa, and the Niagara Falls City and Bertie.

In 1966 though, the list of townships that came under the list went in for a revision, with the exclusion of Chippewa, Fort Erie’s town and Stamford and Crystal Beach.

Additional changes were made in 1976, and the only one that were left on the list was the Niagara’s town that was on the lake and Niagara Falls city. In 1996 again, a part of Thorold City was added.

Politics issues

Today, 20% of the municipal politicians of Niagara are women.

Niagara has 4 Members of Provincial Parliament and 4 Members of Parliament.

However, the percentages of women who are councilors have gone down compared to previous elections. In the year 2010, the winners in elections for the council were nine men versгs three women.

While people of Niagara are embracing women leadership, more women need to come out and contest so that there can be equality in the council.

The competition for the positions of Regional Councils has also been tough. There was a time when only four women were elected, against as many as thirty-one men.

Even today, there are fewer women contesting for the political positions in Niagara compared to men. It needs to change, and there needs to be more women participation, and that can happen only when we see that their responsibilities are not holding them back.

What makes the city special?

In spite of a population less than 100,000, the city does have a lot to offer.

Queen Victoria Park

If you are looking to do more in the city, there is the Queen Victoria Park, just beside the falls. If you are visiting during the winter, don’t forget to make way for the annual Winter Festival of Lights. Additionally, the Historical Museum at Lindy’s Lane is a must visit as well. Then, there is Marineland, a zoo and theme park meant for all ages.

Plus, there are several golf courses for you to try out as well. Which of these are you planning to visit first?


Niagara Fall City has something for you year round, a reason you have people coming in different months around the year to attend the event of their choice.

The top 3 events you don’t want to miss out on

Depending on your taste, you might want to go in for one that you like. Let’s take a look at a few you would want to visit this month.

1. Chess for beginners

Meant for children aged between seven and twelve, it’s for those who have not played before.

You will be required to register your child as you will be instructed by the concerned team. This year, the event took place at the library at Stamford, and while you may have to wait till next year for another, there are sure to be more chess tournaments for beginners this year.

2. Therapy tails

This activity involves hanging out with dogs, reading to them and hugging them. It helps you in relaxing your mind as you play with the dog.

More, you can eliminate any phobia for four-legged pals, something useful for children.

This year, the event took place on Montrose Road at the library of the Community Centre on 12th May 2018.

3. Attend Pitbull concert

You can attend the multi-platinum international artist’s concert at the Fallsview Casino Resort. The Grammy award-winning rapper has sold over 70 million singles worldwide and is a crowd’s favorite.

The tickets for the concert start at $175 and can be attended with your group of friends. However, the event cannot be attended by children as, despite the good seating arrangement, problems may erise.

The concert is full of good music and is quite near the Niagara Falls as well. Therefore, it won’t be much trouble enjoying both the concert and the beautiful dress ruined.

You can attend the concert with your friends, family and more during May 22nd and May 23rd.

Where else can you spend time in?

  1. Apart from the Pitbull concert, there are several places around Niagara fall city where you can spend your time. One of these places includes dog parks and aother area where you can go walking and keep yourself fit.
  2. You can also go to the museum and find entertainment in old craft, art and, history. You can go with your children and teach them many knowledgeable things because of it.
  3. You can take a walk around the city with your loved one. The city has a beautiful evening workspace and thus, is quite a romantic place to be at. Thus, you can take a walk around the lake and later eat at a local restaurant.
  4. Apart from these activities, you can also attend plays, magic shows, and more with your friends and family members to be a part of the live entertainment. These shows are quite interactive in nature and thus, thoroughly involve the audience in their shows as well.